We are RETIC

Company RETIC established in 1992 and after more than 30 years on the market belongs to respected companies in area of processing wires into meshes, nettings and nails. Leading possition on the market was reached by handling of quality in production, quick deliveries, wide assortment and price policy. Almost 65 % of production is exported to states like Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Lithuania and Ukraine.

To be present as close as possible to our clients company RETIC formed our own distribution centers in Slovakia and Chech which covers area of more than 300.000 km2.

Distribution centers


  • AREA METAL, s.r.o., Železničná ulica, 90041  Rovinka, Area of supply : Slovakia, South Moravia, Hungary, Austria
  • OR - METAL, s.r.o., Kliňanská cesta 1155, 02901  Námestovo,  Area of supply : north of Slovakia, north of Moravia, Poland
  • R-METAL, s.r.o., Magnezitárska 5, 04013  Košice, Area of supply : east of Slovakia, Hungary

Czech republic

  • RETIC CZ, s.r.o., Jana Nohy 1237, 25601  Benešov, Area of supply : Czech republic


  • RETIC GARDURI, SRL. , Sat Gheghie, nr. 59/A, Comuna Auseu, Judetul Bihor, 417028, Romania, Area of supply: Romania

Retic, s.r.o. is private own production and sale company with wide assortment. With own logistics, nice production, warehouse and administration facility and educated personel. After years of work, corresponding results and rich experiences we proudly say “We are Retic and we are good in fencing”.

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